Peter Thorpe – Creative Director

Peter Thorpe

Peter Thorpe hails from across the pond as a native of “Jolly Ol’ England”.  Peter’s work experience in graphic design and marketing spans over 40 years starting in top London ad agencies on accounts such as British Airways and other top UK companies, to running his own agencies and design groups working directly with clients such as Time-Life, plus major cosmetic companies, drug companies, book clubs, magazine publishers and, of course, many small independent companies that made up his endless client list.

To name just a few, Peter’s UK companies have been the major design supplier to Time Life – Video, Music and Book Publisher; Yves Rocher – French Cosmetic Company; IPC Magazines – UK’s largest magazine publisher; Carlton Home Entertainment – UK’s largest independent television station; Book Club Associates – UK’s largest book club; Mothercare – UK’s leading prenatal and postnatal retailer; Merck, Sharp & Dohme – UK subsidiary of Merck & Co., Inc. – Pharmaceutical and many more.

Peter Thorpe is a highly acclaimed graphic and web designer.  Peter has won several awards for his design work including SIAD (Society of Industrial Artists and Designers) – 1970 Award for design for two and three dimensional packaging; Client Proctor and Gamble, Agency FCB. Campaign Magazine Silver Trophy for Sudafed (Welcome Foundation) campaign 1979; and more recently several International Package Design Awards for the cosmetic industry.