Laugh Factor Team



The new tween/teen comedy improv show, Kids Prov 123™, is looking for television critics.


If your tween/teen is chosen to join the “Laugh Factor” Team, we will send you Kids Prov 123™ programming for your tween/teen to view.  We want to know if what we are doing is F-U-N-N-Y.


If you like, have your tween/teen invite some friends to a “Laugh Factor” party.  We will supply the popcorn! 


If you have a cell phone, or camera, that takes video, you can send the “Laugh Factor” party video to us.  We may even put it on Kids Prov 123™  on national television.


Scroll down.  Click the arrow.  Have a laugh.  Then fill in the “short” form.


Join the Laugh Factor Team!




Susan Cunningham,

Executive Producer

Kids Prov 123™