The Show


Kids Prov 123™  is a children’s comedy improv television series performed in front of live studio audiences.  Skits, songs and games are driven by suggestions from in-studio audiences.


The show format includes contests between the performers and opportunities for on-line submissions via  YouTube and other social media platforms.


Improv may take the form of acting, dancing, singing, playing musical instruments, creating artwork, miming, poetry, and more.


Improv is sometimes referred to as “on-the-spot”, “off-the-cuff”, and “on-the-fly” performing. It is always unrehearsed. Kids Prov 123™  performers will be spontaneously reacting to the moment and responding to their immediate environment and their inner feelings.


In addition to the entertainment value, Kids Prov 123™  has strong educational value for teaching such concepts as multi-lateral and creative thinking, social skill building, extemporaneous speaking, communications and listening skills, body language, acting quickly, team building, decision making and non-structured thinking.



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Kids Prov 123™ Concept created by Susan Cunningham  August 1, 2013

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